Online sessions for trainees (Trainees_EN)



This course is addressed to trainees that follow the face 2 face training and is complementary to this training. 

The trainees can find the training material and the activities they have to carry out.

CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike



✔  To introduce the training course contents

 ✔ To introduce the main concepts of Digital Health Literacy

Duration:  2 hours


✔ To understand the various risks to migrant health during all the stages of the migrant journey.

✔ To understand the cultural differences influencing health narratives between the country of origin and the host country

✔ To use online tools that can facilitate understanding of health issues and country specific health related circumstances (how health is perceived and treated in host countries compared to country or origin)

          ✔ Learn relevant to health country specific terminology and explore useful online tools

          ✔ To understand the main health protective behaviours and learn how to find reliable relevant online sources.

          ✔ Develop a health checklist in their own language

Duration:  1 hour


✔  To improve the health literacy of migrants in terms of their knowledge about the functioning of the host country's national health system.

✔ To promote the health literacy of migrants regarding their rights and duties to the national health care system, as well as the necessary requirements to access the healthcare system.

✔ To provide trainees with a first approach to navigating the national health system through the internet.

Duration:  1 hour


✔ To improve operational skills for being digital active

Duration:  1- 2 hours


✔  Understand what to expect to encounter when surfing online Identify beneficial health information online

 ✔ Understand the dangers of auto-cure

✔ Identify the benefits of health knowledge and how to get the best of it

✔ Identify trustworthy health information sources


Duration:  4 sessions of 30 min each (2 hours)


✔ Ability to interact an react on health-related topics in the digital environment

Duration:  1 - 2 hours



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